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Nuclear Data ND100 Multichannel Analyzer
Operation / Service Manual


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Product Description

Nuclear Data ND100 Multichannel Analyzer Operation / Service Manual. Approx 1-1/2 thick. Also included is a 16-page catalog on this ND100 unit and 28 pages of supplementary catalog information on the ND100 options and modules.

Contents / Specifications

Contains 16 Chapters: Introduction, Installation, Control, Indicator, and Connector Descriptions, Operating Procedures, ND100 Energy Calibrate Option, ND100 Spectrum Stripping Option, ND100 Memory Sixteenths Module, ND100 Dual Parameter Acquisition and Display Module, ND100 Multiple Input Zero Dead Time Multichannel Scaling Module, ND100 Teletype Interface, ND100 Terminal Printer Interface, ND100 Centronics Printer Interface, ND100 Systron-Donner Printer Interface, ND100 High Speed Paper Tape Punch and Reader Interface, ND100 Magnetic Tape System, ND100/ND812 Serial Communicator/Controllers.


Original. Excellent. Complete. All the pages are crisp and clean.



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