Tektronix 2430A Digital Oscilloscope
User Guide
Programmers Reference Guide
GPIB Pocket Guide


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Product Description

This set contains the following 3 manuals:

  • Tektronix 2430A Digital Oscilloscope User Reference Guide
  • Tektronix 2430A Digital Oscilloscope Programmers Reference Guide
  • Tektronix 2430A GPIB Pocket Guide

Contents / Specifications

Tektronix 2430A Digital Oscilloscope User Reference Guide contains: getting started, CRT readout display, status/help menu, powering up, CRT display menus, auto setup, PRGM autostep, measure, output, vertical, horizontal, cursors, delay functions, triggering, A triggering, B triggering, acquisition, save and display reference, GPIB status, illustrations, etc. It is 44 pages.

Tektronix 2430A Programmers Reference Guide contains: introduction, establishing GPIB communication, how to write programs, debugging your programs, GPIB commands, discussion on waveforms, event tables, GPIB concepts, settings and power up states, ASCII and 2430A character charts, answers to common questions, 2430A specific information, how to use fast transit mode, example programs, illustrations, tables, etc. It is approximately 1/2-inch thick.

Tektronix 22430A GPIB Pocket Guide contains: GPIB command reference, alphabetical GPIB command reference, event tables, character charts, etc. It is 46 pages.


Original. Excellent.

Price  $50 {set of 3 manuals}

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